Month: August 2013

Wacom Start

First new piece with my new Wacom Tablet. Getting my brushes set up and stylus precision down.


Started from this loose sketchbook pic. The composition looked like it would be strong when finished. Knew i was going to add something at the end of that chain. It was fun to work that out in photoshop.


Welcome to My New Blog!

Hi! Welcome!

In addition to a portfolio, this blog is a repository for illustration work I’ve been concentrating on lately. Although I’m a career digital interactive designer, I want to display more of my illustrative experiments as well.

I got away from illustration years ago to pursue large scale oil paintings, and then a career in graphic design. I’ve become inspired lately to return to it. Drawing this type of subject matter feels very natural to me, though getting back into it has caused some frustration as I exercise my imagination and strengthen my drafting skills. It’s like riding a bike I suppose – a bit wobbly at first, but i’m becoming more confident. I am enjoying the process immensely and perhaps it will lead to a change in careers and lifestyle. That keeps me motivated.

I wanted to post some of my favorite logos that I’ve created during my freelance years, even though it’s a bit outside of interactive or illustration. I love icons and miniature illustrative elements:


Oh! Found this cute paper craft house in my files that I designed a few years back. Thought it would be neat to include here: