Month: September 2013


Everyone loves dragons! This was a revisit to one of my embryonic Wacom experiments. I liked about 5% of the original, in which I could see potential with. Otherwise, it doesn’t deserve a mention here.




Working in black and white eliminates the complexity of color from the process and helps me to focus on basic drawing issues. In this case, it works for mood as well. The old sepia tone look compliments the subject matter. I might color her at some point anyway.



Head Coach Football App

These images are screenshots of a game I designed over the past couple of years. It’s a playing card/football strategy game based on an existing board game.

The actual application is live on the Apple App Store, though in what I consider a phase 1 state. I was responsible for the art production and converting the board game version into a digital interface (storyboarding, game flow, UI design, branding, game elements, rollover states, illustrative work). Unfortunately, the development was a hands off affair that entailed supplying the Photoshop files to a series of different development houses.

For a variety of reasons outside of my control, I don’t know if the game will ever see development outside of its current state. I do regret not having more time to polish some of the details within the design if production could have ever gone forward. I have work on a variety of screens, such as multiplayer and achievements, shown in this post.

UI design for games is something that appeals to me in conjunction with a strong illustrative focus, so I feel these have a place here. A mix of iPhone and iPad screens:

Menu Sceen:


Player select:


Game board:


Pop window example:


Instructional overlay:


Selection of big play & final score illustrations. Did a few others for a safety, FGs, etc as well that aren’t shown here. I wanted these illustrations to have a flat, iconographic look, so I created them in Illustrator as opposed to drafting them in Photoshop. Bright, fun images for a successful play, and a grey monotone for a failed play:


IMG_0558 large IMG_0055

Here are some design composites that might have been utilized on a phase 2. Lots of placement text and unfinishedness, but hey…

Achievement pane:


Various pop windows:



Direction multiplayer might have taken: