Month: September 2013

Head Coach Football App

These images are screenshots of a game I designed over the past couple of years. It’s a playing card/football strategy game based on an existing board game.

The actual application is live on the Apple App Store, though in what I consider a phase 1 state. I was responsible for the art production and converting the board game version into a digital interface (storyboarding, game flow, UI design, branding, game elements, rollover states, illustrative work). Unfortunately, the development was a hands off affair that entailed supplying the Photoshop files to a series of different development houses.

For a variety of reasons outside of my control, I don’t know if the game will ever see development outside of its current state. I do regret not having more time to polish some of the details within the design if production could have ever gone forward. I have work on a variety of screens, such as multiplayer and achievements, shown in this post.

UI design for games is something that appeals to me in conjunction with a strong illustrative focus, so I feel these have a place here. A mix of iPhone and iPad screens:

Menu Sceen:


Player select:


Game board:


Pop window example:


Instructional overlay:


Selection of big play & final score illustrations. Did a few others for a safety, FGs, etc as well that aren’t shown here. I wanted these illustrations to have a flat, iconographic look, so I created them in Illustrator as opposed to drafting them in Photoshop. Bright, fun images for a successful play, and a grey monotone for a failed play:


IMG_0558 large IMG_0055

Here are some design composites that might have been utilized on a phase 2. Lots of placement text and unfinishedness, but hey…

Achievement pane:


Various pop windows:



Direction multiplayer might have taken: