Month: November 2013

Sketchbook Stuff

More sketchbook. Painting is great and all, but I really need to work on my basic drawing more. Especially landscapes & architecture. Relying on photo reference a bit more while trying to stylize it. Better delineated objects and less ‘sketchiness’.




Action Scene w/Hobbit

Hobbit smash!! Well, the other way around really.

This one took longer than I would have liked, but it was basically a giant illustration experiment petri dish. Lighting effects, textures, multiple characters interacting, other special effects — I just kept finding things to add and tweak.

It also pointed to issues I need to focus on: improving economy in my application (which will help my speed and clarity), confidence/more looseness in stroke, figuring out composition and basic drawing issues better before handling too much, working toward finding my personal style. I do like a lot in this even though I see so much that could use improvement going forward.