Category: UI Design

New Game: Poly Island

New game I designed in conjunction with Huckleberry Games. Responsible for art direction, branding, look/feel, UI art & related elements. Profiled in 5 New Games We Love on the Apple App Store. Also available for Android.


Pluszle Worlds & Assets – Summer ’18

Some worlds and other assets I created during the summer for Pluszle. Worlds are ongoing, the other assets for major content update.

Another Posting of Various LawBreakers Assets

A variety of branding, iconography, marketing graphics completed for LawBreakers between ’15-’17. Game launched 8/17.

Previous asset dump here:

2015 LawBreakers post

More ingame company logos. Gun asset displaying Bellizzi branding (previously posted).


Steam ranking badges.


Selection of animated character portrait icons.

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Wall signage, iconography.


Promotional T-Shirt graphics.


Ingame Logo. Screenshot showing usage.