Though Shark Week has become incredibly lame with all of its faux documentaries and lack of real science, I still love sharks.



Kid’s iOS Mobile Game UI

An exercise in just working on some UI screens. Practicing with some illustrator textures as well.


Composition with Dog and Bird

This is closer to how I paint with oils. All it took was finding that one brush and not fighting against its nature. This is far from perfect, but now I have a guidepost. It took me a tenth of the time to complete compared to most things I’ve published here and it’s drastically better.


Black and White Life Studies

I’ve totally neglected still lifes as a good way to practice basic drawing. I haven’t done any in years. At some point, you start to believe you don’t need basic stuff like this anymore. I’ve had some drawing struggles this year, and I think they can help for practicing foundation skills and basic paint application in photoshop.

I created a couple of black and white studies from some simple life objects this afternoon after being inspired by Matt Kohr over at his blog I don’t know where he finds the time to post so many instructional videos, but his methodology is solid and easy to pick up. Excellent resource for novices and professionals alike.

apple_study ear_study